Josler Tudisco is a musician from Tucson, Arizona and is currently producing his new single “Fools Gold” at TwoCat Studios! While recording the arrangement for his new single, Josler was kind enough to answer a few questions about “Fools Gold,” as well as give some insight on his creative process:  


• When did you write the song, “Fools Gold?”  

I wrote the song at the beginning of quarantine in April of 2020. I realized I probably wasn’t going to be going out for awhile and I thought it would be a good time to dig deep to find something to write about that I had been carrying with me for awhile. 

• When writing “Fools Gold,” were you influenced by any particular artist or style?

I was really into alt-country at the time of writing this song and so I think I naturally pulled some stuff from Orville Peck and Pinegrove, and Garden Song by Phoebe Bridgers has just come out and I love her writing style and how it encompasses the song like a story.

• Was it easy to decide on “Fools Gold,” as the song name, or did it take time for you to decide on the track title?

The name came naturally while writing the song so it only felt right to make it Fools Gold. 

Josler Tudisco Recording “Fools Gold” At TwoCat Studios:

Josler Tudisco Recording At TwoCat Studios

• Generally speaking, what is your songwriting process like? Do you find that you have a recurring method from project to project?     

My songwriting process is incredibly reactionary. If there’s something going on in my life and I need to process it, I will write a song about it; that’s how it’s always been. 

• As a songwriter, where do you think your inspiration comes from? 

Most if not all of my songs come from personal experiences as they happen to me.

• The year 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for everybody, artists included. Have you noticed anything different in the way you approach writing lyrics or music since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic?    

Song writing has slowed significantly since the pandemic started. There’s not much to write about when I’m not going out and experiencing life. That’s why Fools Gold felt a bit different to write, because I was looking back on a situation that had passed and tried to relive the feeling of it. 

• If you could play at any venue, which venue would it be? Why?

Ever since I was kid I have always wanted to play Red Rocks in Colorado. For such a massive venue it feels incredibly intimate and I think that translates when you hear musicians play there. Not to mention just how beautiful the venue is at night. 

• What’s one piece of advice you’d give your past self?

Be immovable with your vision but adjustable with how it comes to fruition.


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